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Nataly Shevchenko

Legal Advisor


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About Nataly Shevchenko

Ms. Nataly Shevchenko is a Legal Advisor at Gallagher, Malloy & Georges, P.C.. She specializes in the field of International and Corporate Law, primarily working on complex cases and providing consultations to American, Russian, Ukrainian and other Eastern-European companies.

Ms. Shevchenko has a Juris Doctor Degree in Law from Kharkov Judiciary Academy and was admitted to the bar there. Upon graduation, she worked as Assistant District Attorney at the General Prosecutor’s Office and was involved in all aspects of criminal prosecution.

From 1997 through 2000, Nataly worked in International Law as a Legal Expert in a Moscow-based Russian-Swedish Joint Venture. Nataly was engaged in drafting legal documents, advising the company concerning its legal standing, obligations, and privileges, preparing contracts and corporate documents. She acted as agent for the company in numerous transactions.

In 2001, she joined the Gallagher Firm working in the field of immigration and international law. In 2004, she began to specialize in international and corporate law. Her extensive knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian laws and their application to US-Eastern European projects assisted her clients in developing mutually beneficial business relationships which resulted in successful projects. Ms. Shevchenko’s clientele includes companies and scientists working in the field of high-technology, as well as oil, gas and precious metals.

Nataly Shevchenko is proficient in English, Russian and Ukrainian.