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With 150+ years of combined experience, we're the attorney team you can trust — period.

No matter your situation, Gallagher Law has the expertise & experience to navigate difficult waters with you.

Finding a responsive attorney who gets the job done doesn't have to be difficult. Gallagher Law has your back and we're here to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Estate Planning

Create a legacy that lasts with our detailed and personalized estate planning process.

International Law

With our expertise in international business transactions, we will guide you through the execution of your commercial agreements. We will work tirelessly to resolve your matter.

Personal Injury

We will guide you through the maze of your post accident challenges and protect you as you piece your life together.

Transportation Law

We will assist you in navigating regulatory and administrative matters before the PA Public Utility Commission and Philadelphia Parking Authority.

Distracted Driving Injuries

Many crashes happen due to cell phone distraction. We will uncover the crucial evidence so that you can protect yourself and your family.


We understand that when your legal status is in jeopardy, you are emotional and stressed out. We work hard to keep you informed about your case and we will fight on your behalf to protect you and your family.


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